The Nurtured Heart Approach Part 1

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Are you frustrated by behavior challenges that put your child in control of your home? Have your discipline methods stopped working? Do you want your children to have good morals, be compassionate, and be self-confident?

The Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) is a language based approach that can help you regain focus and power and re-build the love you want in your home.   NHA teaches us why our typical parenting methods don’t always work and can even make things worse. The magic rests in its ability to use language to build “inner wealth” and to make positive connections to those around us by focusing on what IS working, at all times.  

You will learn how to hold clear limits and consequences while you build positive connections. You will immediately FEEL the difference in your home, and in time, you, your children and your family learn to flourish.

A light dinner begins at 5:30 pm

email: | call: 716.332.4170

Childcare available for children 4+ to those who register by September 26th.








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