Sponsorships for Third Annual Family Engagement Conference

Event Pass Information

Event Pass Type
Presenting Sponsorship - $4,500$4,500.00 USD
Lunch Sponsor - $2,500$2,500.00 USD
ACES Sponsor - $1,500$1,500.00 USD
Family Engagement Support - $500.00$500.00 USD
Full Page Ad (5" x 8") - $300$300.00 USD
Half-page ad (4.5” x 3.75”) - $150$150.00 USD

Event Details

3rd Annual Family Engagement Conference
Brought to you by:
Every Person Influences Children (EPIC)
and the Parent Network of WNY
“WNY’s Family Engagement Experts”

Participants will have an opportunity to network and share ideas, meet and receive information from conference vendors, and listen to the latest practices in family engagement during the dynamic presentation. Laura Porter from ACE Interface and the highly acclimated film Resilience will be the keynote speaker. Potential audience members include Administrators, Educators, Early Childhood Providers, Community Agencies, School Staff, Health Care Providers, Clinical Staff and Family Members.

Together EPIC and Parent Network of WNY are proud to present Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma Informed Care (TIC) from the Family Engagement perspective. Participants will have the opportunity to identify and develop strategies and best practices around ACES and TIC as they relate to special populations such as children with disabilities, children who have experienced trauma, and children with mental health concerns.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Presenting Sponsorship - $4,500 - One Opportunity
Lunch Sponsor - $2,500 - One Opportunity  
ACES Sponsor - $1,500 - Eight Opportunities
Family Engagement Support - $500.00

Program Advertising Opportunities
Full-page ad (5” x  8”) - $300
Half-page ad (4.5” x 3.75”) - $150

 Email to RacklJ@epicforchildren.org or fax (716) 332-4101
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